These resources are available to support participants in Make Media Workshops, and are licensed CC-BY by Wesley and Shelly Fryer.

  1. Apps and Pre-Camp To-Do’s
  2. Project Workflows (links to Seesaw Activities and Badgelist Badges – short link:
  3. Project Badges (Badgelist)
  4. Show with Media
  5. Archives
  6. Videos
  7. Matrix (from 2017 for iPad Media Camp)
  8. Books by Wes Fryer

Tutorials and Slideshows

Sharing Spaces: Google Classroom and SeeSaw

Enriched Assessment Resources by Shelly Fryer

Slides from the August 25, 2017 presentation at iPadPaloozaOU are available.

Contact Info for Wes and Shelly

Shelly on Twitter: @sfryerblogclassroom websiteclassroom website 2012-2016

Wes on Twitter: @wfryerblogpodcastweekly EdTech Situation Room show @edtechSRSTEM lessons