Pre-Camp To Do’s

  1. All participants should buy / download / install the following REQUIRED apps in advance of camp, depending on the selected device / platform. Optional apps are also listed.
  2. Participants should create before camp or bring to camp the following account logins (userID and password):
    1. Google / Gmail account (can be a personal account or a school account)
    2. Adobe Account (for Adobe Spark)
    3. If an iPad user: Bring your iTunes account userID and password so you can install new apps / install updates if desired.
    4. A Twitter account is NOT required but strongly encouraged. Participants are encouraged to share their learning with the Twitter hashtag #MakeMediaCamp.
  3. Update all available software on your iPad, Chromebook, or laptop PRIOR to the start of camp

Chromebook / Laptop Recommended Extensions

Mac/Windows laptop users should install the free Google Chrome web browser prior to camp. The following extensions should be installed to your Google user account:

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Extensity
  3. UBlock Origin
  4. Tab Suspender
  5. EPUBReader

Required Free Apps for iPad Users:

  1. i-Nigma
  2. SeeSaw
  3. Adobe Spark Post
  4. Book Creator (free version also available but paid is recommended, free version just supports creation of 1 book)

Recommended iPad Apps:

  1. Word Cloud by abcya
  2. PicCollageEDU
  3. Green Screen by Do Ink
  4. Voice Record Pro
  5. Adobe Spark Video
  6. Shadow Puppet EDU
  7. iMovie (free with newer iPads)
  8. Koma Koma
  9. Explain Everything (VPP version also available)